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The NEW Visual Effects Production Course

Streamlined for Your Success

Modeling, texturing, lighting, tracking and rendering - these are every 3D Artists' mantra and are just some of the skills you’ll learn on our new Visual Effects Production course. The new course covers the latest techniques and software packages, allowing you to be at the cutting edge of CG production.

Throughout the course we focus on the skills that are currently expected from a Junior 3D Artist in the VFX industry. For the first six weeks you'll be shown how to produce 3D models, texture and light to a photo-realistic standard. In the final six weeks, you will perfect these skills over a series of exercises before building your very own VFX shot. This is where you'll learn how to track and composite 3D models into live action footage – and where you really get to show off your talent!

By streamlining the course, we've been able to increase the time available to teach, as well as the time for you to practice each of these skills. And in your last week, you'll have the opportunity to present the shots you've produced during the course at an End of Course presentation. A great opportunity to get some final feedback from our tutors.

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