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The NEW Compositing for Production Course

Finely Tuned for Your Success

The masters of make-believe, Compositors create the effects that fool us into believing what we see on screen is real. This department is where the real magic happens through a variety of creative and technical processes; and it takes highly skilled, creative individuals to make this kind of magic!

To guarantee we’re training artists to the highest quality, we’ve updated our 12-week Compositing for Production course to cover the very latest techniques and software packages. Throughout this course, we focus on the key skills currently required of a Junior Compositing Artist in the VFX industry, so you leave studio-ready and confident.

In the first six weeks we cover rotoscoping, rig removal, paint prep techniques, colour balance, mastering 2D and planar tracking, and how to create detailed keys of a shot. In the last six weeks, we work with NUKE's 3D projection system, camera tracking and how to integrate CG render passes into live action backgrounds.

By streamlining the course, we’ve increased the time available to teach, as well as the time for you to practice each of these new skills. In your last week, you'll have an opportunity to present the shots you've produced throughout your training at an ‘End of Course’ presentation; a great opportunity to get some final feedback from your tutors, before starting your showreel.

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Course Details

Duration: 12 Weeks
Format: Full-time  Mon – Fri, 10am - 5pm
Location: London, UK

Next Start Dates: 

May 20th 2013
August 12th 2013
September 30th 2013