The Last of Us from Naughty Dog

The Last of Us from Naughty Dog

Winter has finally arrived at our doorstep and the Christmas holiday is just around the corner! Hurrah! That means it's time to hang up the party shoes, put on the UGG boots and embrace the world of winter hibernation.

I have decided to celebrate my 4th winter in the UK by rolling around the living room with the radiator up, sipping mulled wine, wrapping myself in a duvet, turning off my phone and most importantly, getting acquainted with my old reliable friend, the Playstation 3.

Considering games cost roughly 40 pounds a pop these days, I do make my decisions wisely when I treat myself to a new game. Holiday season = zero bank account balance. The amount of games I have tapped into so far this year has been relatively low considering I use to play a lot more games in the past. What can I say? I will blame the beautiful British summer for this shameful effort.

The games I have conquered this year so far: Heavy Rain, Super Street Fighter 4, Call of Duty MW3, F1 and more recently, Uncharted 3.

Now, I completed Uncharted 3 not long ago and I have enjoyed every minute of it, but it has only taken me 5 days to finish the game, which I'll admit was a bit of a downer since I have been counting down every second for the release date. Okay, truth to be told, I have picked the 'normal' setting for game difficulty as opposed to 'very hard', but I cannot argue against my ego.

£10 a day to play this epic game is definitely worth it but quite frankly it has left me feeling strangely unsatisfied and wanting MORE. On the other hand, Uncharted 2 and 3 had one of the best CG graphics and play experience in my humble opinion! 

I was having a little rant about it with Simon Fenton, my fellow geeky gamer in Escape Studios' kitchen, and he has reassured me that Naughty Dog (the brilliant mastermind developer behind Uncharted 3) is currently working on a new game called, 'The last of us'.

After watching the trailer with him in awe (the one at the top of this page), I will now eagerly wait for the release date for this game. It really looks like, 'I Am Legend' crossed with 'Juno' (Ellen Page look alike right there). Granted, the graphics didn't look that great but it is a trailer and Naughty Dog could really do no wrong after the Uncharted franchise.

Speaking of games, another game which I haven't got around to play is Dead Island.

I had a love for zombie games since I was introduced to Resident Evil (otherwise known as Biohazard when it was first launched in Japan) back in 1996. I was impatiently waiting for the next pay check to arrive so I could finally press 'buy it now' for 'Dead Island' (hit me with next day delivery too please). However, after seeing the 'The last of Us' trailer, I am doomed to spend the next 3 to 6 months, googling and hoping someone will give me the release date for this bundle of joy.

For now, I will go and play Uncharted 3 online with the community and watch my ego take a beating until pay day arrives so I can begin my epic Dead Island adventure.

What game will you be looking forward to play this winter?

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