The Internet Map

The Internet Map

I thought I'd just share with you a little something that I found earlier on my rounds around the interwebs. Specifically this little treat called The Internet Map.

In a nutshell, it is a map of 350,000 of the most visited websites around the internet and how they all interconnect with one another. Obviously household names including Google and Facebook appear as well as others that you may recognise. At first inspection you'll quickly notice that the bigger a 'bubble' a website has then the more traffic it obtains from its users.

Initially though, what isn't so clear, is that the size of the 'bubbles' isn’t the only thing that is important. The proximity is another one that matters. What this means is that the closer any number of websites are to one another, then the more users those websites share.

It's a very unique concept and certainly one that I haven't seen before. It's fully interactive so you can zoom in and look at some of the tiny bubbles there as well and look for specific websites! Pretty neat I thought.

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Brad Collier-Brown
Tue 31 Jul 2012: 9:30am

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