The HP and DreamWorks Partnership

The HP and DreamWorks Partnership

HP has partnered with DreamWorks since the beginning, helping the business mature into the well-oiled animation machine we know today. HP is responsible for the hardware platforms at the very heart of the company, with a storage infrastructure that allows the team to share data quickly and easily over a global network, as well as state of the art workstations and monitors for creating detailed and realistic effects. In the video above, the team at DreamWorks discuss how HP technology has contributed significantly to the company staying on the cutting edge and how this technology brought to life the 2011 production of Puss in Boots.

With technology like this at their fingertips DreamWorks have been able to increase the number of jobs they run at any one time, and the number of frames rendered. All of this depends greatly on the power of the machines, which in turn is affected by the quality of the hardware in their data centre. HP has played a crucial role in meeting the creative aspirations for this company.  

We are big fans of the range of HP workstations available at the moment, and over the past year they have been a massive favourite with our customers. They are literally selling like hot cakes.

HP is also one of our sponsors for an event we are hosting at the end of this month at the Barbican Centre, on the art of 3d visualisation. Their contribution to the film and CG industry continues, and we have to say, we like their style.

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  • benjamin:

    Great partnership. Hope to see more great works from them. Thanks

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