The Hobbit ‘lands’ in ‘Orcland’ - New Zealand!

The Hobbit ‘lands’ in ‘Orcland’ - New Zealand!

We’ve all been on-board an aeroplane watching with little interest, the safety demonstration given by the air stewardesses. Or if you have a sense of humour like mine, you try and make them laugh during their demonstrations by any means necessary.

Air New Zealand have gone one better though with their Boeing 777 safety video by aligning themselves with Peter Jackson and The Hobbit. New Zealand was the prime location for filming The Hobbit, so it made good sense for Air New Zealand to make a film of their own! An aircraft safety film that is.

Awash with plenty of The Hobbit’s characters, this safety video is head and shoulders above others and very funny to watch. From the outset as you are welcomed to ‘This Air Middle Earth Flight’, to some lines used from The Lord of the Rings in a brilliantly clever aircraft context through to The Witch King using his iPhone in flight mode, you’ll enjoy watching this from start to finish. Peter Jackson even makes a cameo appearance as does Gollum, although you’ll be hard pressed to know who is who…

A ‘tail’ of sorts, Air New Zealand ‘wing’ this but watching it isn’t a ‘tyring’ experience! Boom tish!

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