The Future's Bright for our CG Whiz Winners

The Future's Bright for our CG Whiz Winners

Since winning our 2010 CG Whiz competition last year Stu Schwartz, Natalie Rocks and Justyna Galka have been on a world wind of activities.  Stu wrote a blog recently about how excited he is to start studying with us in our brand new LA campus .  He's also going to continue to blog about his experience on the course throughout his study so make sure you keep and eye out on our blog for that.

Natalie Rocks who won 3rd place has raced ahead and secured a job at The Mill, so not only is she studying our Maya Essentials Bundle but is also preparing her move to the big smoke - congratulations Natalie! 

Justyna won 2nd place in the competition and is studying our Mentored VFX course - which is the online equivalent to our classroom based VFX course - and we will soon be sharing some of her course work with you here. We ran an online Mentored Tour recently with Paul Wilkes, our Training Sales Director but don't worry if you missed it - we have more planned. Just drop us an email if you're interested in attending.

It seems that it's not just us who are impressed by how well our winners are doing, 3D Artist have recently published an article with interviews of each of them. The article is available in the online version of the magazine which you can download here.

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