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I have just finished reading the "Videogames: state of the art" article in this month's issue of 3D World magazine and was reminded of just why I love being a CG artist, and how vain I am seeing my name in print.

A key concept that comes across from the article is what a flexible bunch games artists need to be. Never mind dealing with getting the artistic basics right, the humble games artist has to understand a huge number of technical processes on the road to getting his or her work finalised in the game.

With the advent of directx11, mega textures, Geomerics' Enlighten, integrated editors, for seamless workflow or new implementations on deferred rendering the games artist is entering a renaissance of visual fidelity.

As Beau Folsom from realtime worlds suggests, every adoption of new technology has an impact both in terms of production times and memory costs. As always learning how to get the best bang for buck is an important skill.

Close to my own heart, at the end of the article it mentions life drawing. It doesn’t matter what advances in technology there are, the quest for an artist to master proportions form and colour is what matters in achieving stunning graphics.

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