The Foundry Summer Spectacular

The Foundry Summer Spectacular

Yesterday we announced the 1-day sale for The Foundry’s MARI but what we didn’t mention is that The Foundry and Escape Studios are treating everyone to a super summer sale. And there is no need to wait until August for these ones!

The summer promotions come in three pretty epic packages:

1. The Works a complete software package that includes NUKEX, MARI and FURNACE with 2 renders together as well as a whopping 56% discount. Node-locked and Floating license options are available.

2. The Perfect Partnership combines NUKEX and HIERO with a 30% discount when purchased together, the complete combination to streamline your pipeline. Node-locked and Floating license options are available.

3. The Summer Step Up is the package of the year for anyone using After Effects, Shake or Fusion. If you send the serial code from any of those three products, we can knock off a further 30% off the purchase of a node-locked license of NUKE. That’s NUKE at the bargain price of £2000! (N.B. Limited to 5 licenses per customer.)

You only have 6 weeks to get your paws on the promotion; the end date is the 31st of August.

Contact the team today for details!

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