The Foundry’s STORM: Soon on Beta

The Foundry’s STORM: Soon on Beta

The Foundry’s new RED camera production hub, STORM, will soon be available for beta evaluations.

STORM is the newest addition to The Foundry’s products and has been developed to make RED Digital Cinema workflows much easier and faster to work on.

Having seen a demo at last week’s Bristol event, I was really impressed with what it can do. There are lots of amazing features and clever tools to streamline RED projects, including the ability to work directly in RAW format which alone can save you quite a lot of time.

The alpha release of STORM has already been released and put to the test on a feature length movie called Pulp. To see how it was used, check out what Paul Clements, the Digital Imaging Technician, had to say about it.

If you would like to be one of the first people to try out the new beta version, get in touch.

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