The Foundry Release OCULA 3.0

The Foundry Release OCULA 3.0

The latest version of OCULA has arrived. Last Thursday, 3rd November 2011, The Foundry announced their release of OCULA 3.0, a leading live action, stereo-3D correction and integration toolset for compositors. A production proven tool, OCULA is a plug-in that has been used extensively on major productions such as Avatar, TRON: Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. For these films, working in stereoscopic 3D had many undiscovered challenges. Over a course of trial and discovery, OCULA has developed into a reliable tool that meets the demands of artists to mend polarisation issues in photographic plates or correct common stereo-3D defects with precise speed and ease.

Developed through industry collaboration over a course of three years, this 3.0 version of OCULA has a significantly improved feature set. It is a tool built to tackle many of the difficulties discovered over the past few years of stereo post production. OCULA 3.0 will work seamlessly along side a NUKE based pipeline where it is now faster to set up, easier to use and is producing higher quality results than ever before. You can keep control of some of the more rogue aspects of your live action material, achieve quality automated colour matching correction, retime a stereo shot and mend mismatching focus with reliable and fast focus correction.

OCULA has been an essential tool in the stereo pipeline over the last couple of years. Overall it has provided audiences with a more pleasant 3D viewing experience. During the post production of Tron: Legacy, Digital Domain worked extensively with NUKE. In order to get the best results out of NUKE in a stereo format, OCULA plug-ins were introduced to aid with vertical alignment on the final composites of hybrid CG live-action shots, and colour matching. On Avatar, Weta and Framestore had 2,500 VFX shots to contend with, all of which were to be rendered in stereo. Both companies have said that the support of both NUKE and the OCULA plug-ins made this epic job a more manageable feat.

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