The Foundry Open Beta for HIERO

The Foundry Open Beta for HIERO

This is possibly the moment many of you have been waiting for… HIERO, The Foundry's latest software project, has gone to beta. A closed beta ran over a short period of time for few individuals who got their name on a waiting list nice and early, and from what I’ve heard, they really enjoyed putting it to the test.

As of January 17th, The Foundry opened this beta up to the public. It is now possible for everyone to download a trial licence of this new software.

On offer during this open beta, there are both node-locked and floating trial licences. If you want a chance of taking advantage of this limited offer, you'll need to act quickly and go to The Foundry website to start your download. February 2012 is the due date for the official HIERO release. The Foundry are going to be offering an early adopter promo; prices will start at £,2979.50 (or $4,437.50 or €3376.25). This pricing is based on node-locked licences and includes one year of maintenance.

HIERO will run on OSX and Linux for now, with the aim to include Windows shortly.

So, now for the helpful links. You can sign up for the HIERO open beta here.

Have any of you seen some of the comments left on The Foundry's website by some of the people who have already taken HIERO for a test drive? Judging by what's there, it seems to be a case of, once you’ve seen what it can do, there’s no going back to the old routine.

Here are a couple of the comments I picked up on:

Tony Lawrence, Head of 2D, Smoke and Mirrors, comments: “We love that The Foundry are developing a product as sophisticated as HIERO. The flexibility, ease of use and integration into our pipeline will increase our output, allowing even more jobs to pass through our facility. The Foundry has yet again come up with a solution that will benefit the post production community.”

Andres Kirejew, VFX Supervisor/Partner, Township, adds: "HIERO has removed all the tedious, manual labour from conforming. I pointed it towards my EDL and 1.5tb of RED Epic footage magically relinked! HIERO breaks out shots with ease and automatically names, symlinks and prepares them for NUKE roundtripping. HIERO is ****ing brilliant. Seriously, at the price point, it's a no-­brainer!

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