The Foundry Announce New Product

The Foundry Announce New Product

Though a very powerful compositing tool NUKE has been missing a component many artist could benefit from. HIERO is a new product in development at The Foundry that hopes to provide the missing link for a more efficient shot management system in your VFX pipeline.

HIERO is a flexible tool that can be easily integrated into your pipeline. The software aims to help increase output and manage multiple jobs more efficiently. Apart from needing a recent GPU, this software can work independently of any specific hardware.

To find out more about this new product, we got in touch with Matt Plec at The Foundry who very kindly answered some questions for us...

Can you describe HIERO in a nutshell for people who have never heard of it?
HIERO is a cross-platform timeline-based application for shot management on VFX projects. It conforms from and to EDL and FCP XML and has tools for playback and review of clips/timelines. It enables round-tripping of the selects and scripts out to disk for VFX work including comping in NUKE, returning versioned shots back into the timeline for review in context of the cut.

Why did you decide to bring this product to market?
In discussion with many customers it was clear there was a gap in workflow that was filled by cumbersome manual processes around applications not specifically built for this. It meant that our customers took a significant amount of time on high end grading or finishing systems (from the corresponding level artists/supervisors) that could be better used elsewhere.

What are the main advantages of HIERO?
User friendly UI designed specifically to manage this process efficiently, fully scriptable via python, industry standard format support and colour management.

Does HIERO have any product rivals?
Products like Autodesk Smoke or Apple Final Cut Pro are most commonly used to do shot management for a variety of artists on different systems, using a variety of different applications, but it's not really what they were made to do. As a result the process is more cumbersome than it could be, not to mention prevents those systems being used for what their real strengths are.

Does HIERO only work with NUKE?
HIERO works with image clips on your network so you can use it with just about any application. Of course, we have loads of ideas for how we can make it work really well with NUKE, since we have more knowledge about and access to it than anything else.

When will HIERO be available for trial?
We'll be heading into beta soon with a release later this year.

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