The Foundry and Escape Studios UK Tour

The Foundry and Escape Studios UK Tour

The UK has a flourishing VFX industry that is attracting business from all over the world. In terms of film production in this country, we’re securing huge business. The standard of work being produced here is world class, and it’s impressive to see how this industry is flourishing right across the United Kingdom. For those of us who work in London, sometimes we risk embracing the city as being the centre of the universe, paying far too much attention to what’s going on locally, rather than what’s happening countrywide. Granted Soho is a hub for post-production, but if we were to look beyond the M25 and further North, East or West, we would find an amazing number of talented companies working on some fantastic projects.

Aware of the existing talent up and down the country, Escape Studios and The Foundry aim to nurture existing relationships and ignite new ones by ensuring the benefits of our services are not confined to companies located within the London radius. No, in fact we are planning a tour of the UK where over a two week period we will personally visit companies at their facility and learn more about their current set-up in terms of pipeline and workflow.

For both Escape and The Foundry this is a great opportunity to finally meet some customers in person, and to visit companies tucked away who we’ve not yet had the pleasure of working with. It is also the perfect opportunity for these companies to benefit from an personalised demo of The Foundry products, something that companies in London can arrange at the drop of a hat.

At the moment we are scheduled to start off in the Newcastle area, travel down to Leeds, then over to the Manchester and Sheffield area, and down to Birmingham. We are also hoping to fit in companies around Bristol, Wales and possibly Scotland if there’s enough time.

The Foundry and I will be available for tours from 17th October 2011. If you are a company based outside the realm of London and are interested in meeting with us during our tour, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. 

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  • Heather Craik:

    Scotland! We have our industries too and we're usually left out of these things lol.

    Glasgow, Dundee, or Edinburgh are your best bets.

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