The First Ascent of Everest, In 3D!

The First Ascent of Everest, In 3D!

Wheels are in motion for the first known ascent of Mt. Everest is to be made into a 3D feature, by award-winning N.Z. documentary maker Leanne Pooley.

The climb was in 1953, and the film, and despite the film bearing a strong focus on the life of Sir Edmund Hillary (one of the two pioneering climbers) it will be using original colour footage, original voice recordings and original photographs from the first ascent.

With the recreations no doubt demanding some pretty nifty VFX, we think this film is sure to be an education for those with an interest in CG, as well as mountaineering.

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Robert Broadbent
Thu 7 Mar 2013: 12:08pm

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