The Disney 50 at BFI Southbank

The Disney 50 at BFI Southbank

This looks like a great treat for anyone into animation. If you want to see where it all began, then check out The Disney 50 at the BFI, showing all 50 Disney films ever made.

While most of us may not have been there for the first ever classic ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ back in 1937, it’s interesting to see the progression of animation over the last 74 years and just how far it has come. The basics and foundations are still there, but we've gone from animating on twos, to ones and the result of motion blur and GI style lighting techniques have just made the feature animation smoother and cleaner.

This is a bit of a treat for the whole family, and seeing these classics on the big screen like the IMAX, just brings home the experience that much more. The BFI has some interesting on-stage events with Disney artists and directors of past and present worth checking out as well. Check out The Disney 50 at BFI Southbank for info or film times here.

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