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The Daily Grind

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Escape students possess a unique ability to intake an insanely-high level of caffeine. Some claim it assists their CGI wizardry in the classroom, others argue it's due in part to our breakout space housing the largest cappucino machine ever created by mortal hands.

Earlier today I caught up with some of our brightest young things from our current courses over a steamin' cuppa java. We'll soon be waving farewell to some of these guys (*sob*) and we took a moment to reminisce about their time at Escape.

So how would they sum up their experience at the studio in one word?

Invaluable — Ryan Smith, VFX Production

Exhilarating — Adrian Leung, Compositing for Production

Phantasmagorical — Hannah Rajah, VFX Professional (nice)

Intense — Mike May, VFX Production

Worth it — Nicholas Loban, VFX Production (well, that's two words—but we'll let him off)

Fun — Mahnoor Vailibhoy, VFX Professional

Right choice — Amman Bains, Compositing for Production (again, that's two—but hey ho, this ain't maths school)

Gee, shucks!

Now we're all too familiar with my inability to function as a socially-respectable human after consuming even a smidgen of caffeine, so I should really step away from the blog before the awful coffee puns start to pour out. Honestly, it would make a real mochary of the sedimental statements our students have tried to espresso. It's bean a pleasure, guys—really, thanks-a-latte.


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