'The Croods' clubs the weekend box office!

'The Croods' clubs the weekend box office!

After last week’s mention of 'Despicable Me 2' arriving soon to hit cinema screens, it’s fair to say that animation is very much in the public eye at the moment, and the trend continued this weekend as animated movie ‘the Croods’ has dominated the box office.

The caveman laugh-athon which has Nicholas Cage voicing main character ‘Grug’, raised $44.7 million in domestic ticket sales, the motion picture is brought to us by Dreamworks SKG and is about a Neanderthal cave dwelling family who, on the run from lava flows find themselves in a fiasco or two!

As well as its impressive domestic sale, it took a whopping $108 million in global ticket sales as well.

Did you make it?

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Robert Broadbent
Tue 26 Mar 2013: 10:12am

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