The Coolest VFX Apps on the Market

The Coolest VFX Apps on the Market

There are so many useful apps on the market and I have found a couple of super useful and cool iPhone apps for the VFX artist and digital photographer.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing these with you in a series of blog posts.

The first is a fab app for the iPhone called My Measures and Dimensions. It is great for VFX artists as it allows you to take a picture of your set, take a couple of measurements, and then  input them into the app so they are overlaid on your picture for future reference.  Amazing.  The cool thing is that you can draw with your finger on other sides or angles and the app will automatically draw and work out those dimensions for you...what a great timesaver! If you’re on set you can take a quick snap and one or two measures and the rest can be worked out later. Now with all those lovely dimensions it is really easy to rebuild the set in 3d or use the data as survey data in a 3d tracking software. Working with complex computer packages all day and everyday it takes a lot for me to be impressed, but I really was with this app.

You can check it out here.

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mark spevick
Fri 16 Mar 2012: 10:10am

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  • Emanuele:

    3D apps for android?! What are their names? I only know some from Ant can you tell me please? I only know apps from Autodesk which are not very useful.

  • Ant:

    iphones, meh,

    I have some cool 3D model viewing apps on my andriod, I also have some handy render management apps.

    There are also some handy light measurement tools and also camera lens calculators which are great for recording shoot details.

    Then again I did have blender running quite nicely on my HTC TyTn II around 5 years ago.

    Didn't the Mill make an app? I know Autodesk have a few out there too

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