The Coca Cola Polar Bears are back!

The Coca Cola Polar Bears are back!

We are all familiar with the high octane, VFX loaded, cinematic creations of Ridley Scott - Blade Runner, Gladiator, Alien and Prometheus just skim the surface when discussing this directors back catalogue.

But here’s a change of scenery… something a little cuddlier, a little softer on the eyes, and altogether a little more heart-warming. As this holiday season Coca Cola’s iconic Polar bears were brought to life by Ridley and his late brother, Tony Scott.

Having been associated with the brand since 1993, the polar bears are a staple of the Coca Cola name, and globally recognisable.

It is rather fitting in this respect, that such a prolific brand would hire the skills of these two directors, to produce this animated short, which will be aired in the UK in 30 second clips over the next few weeks, there have even been rumours of a feature length movie on the horizon – but no word from Coca Cola yet, it’ll arrive in time for next year’s festive season perhaps?.

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