The Camera That Turns Light Into Living Pictures

The Camera That Turns Light Into Living Pictures

I have just come across what I can only describe as an awesome bit of kit! It's made by a company called Lytro, and it is a camera that lets decide the focus and depth of field of your image, after you have taken it! And that's just the beginning...

I could spend hours trying to explain the science behind it, but why not just check out the diagram below or listen to the video at the top of this page?

And here is what you can do with it...

You can check out the many photos they have in their gallery here, and read a full article about it here.

This one is already generating a lot of talk and debate among us in the office. Are we peering into the future with this camera or are we actually slowing killing the art of photography? What do you all think?

One thing is for sure though, we would all love to get our hands on it!

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Wed 3 Aug 2011: 8:18am

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