The Barbican's Brilliant Animation Show: Watch Me Move

The Barbican's Brilliant Animation Show: Watch Me Move

Both animation enthusiasts and novices alike, will be delighted by The Barbican Centre's brilliant animation show Watch Me Move. From Winsor McCay's 1914 classic Gertie the Dinosaur, to Steven Spielberg's T Rex in the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park, the exhibition educates and entertains in equal measure. 

Covering every discipline of the art-form including zoetrope, shadow puppets, stop motion, cell-drawn, claymation and CGI, the show meanders across two floors of the gallery, so be careful not to do as I did, and spend two hours viewing downstairs before realising I had another whole floor of films to see, with alas not long before the gallery closed.

You enter the first room through beaded curtains to see early Lumiere Brothers films, and the land mark Disney Skeleton Dance cartoon, projected onto black drapes, before you arrive in a large room of the exhibition devoted to much-loved characters, featuring everyone from Bugs Bunny to Betty Boop, Felix the Cat to Homer Simpson and of course family favourites Wallace & Gromit.

The viewing experience is intelligently varied by using different screen sizes, some giant some small, some films seen standing others seated, while some have headphones others are listened to seated in booths with small speakers behind your head. 

On your way out you pass a 'cabinet of curiosities' featuring examples of cartoon plates as well as original Ray Harryhausen puppets. There is also the most extensive collection of vinyl figurines you are ever likely to see.

Watch Me Move is a great exhibition that runs until the 11th September so if you haven't seen it, try to catch it before it ends. But if you've been in London and lucky enough to see it, what were your own personal highlights?

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