The Art of Oscar-Winning 3D Modelling

The Art of Oscar-Winning 3D Modelling

3D modelling is one of the very first skills we teach on our 3D for Visual Effects course. The backbone for all convincing 3D VFX, it requires a strong knowledge of topology, form, texture and detail. In every class we find someone with a natural flare for this craft and 8 years ago Adam Dewhirst was one such person.

On Thursday 20 February, Adam is joining us to explore the professional career of a 3D artist.  Having worked with leading VFX studios to create memorable CG characters for the big screen – like the glorious polar bears in the Golden Compass – Adam hopes to show you what it's like to work as a professional 3D artist under tight deadlines and high expectations.

Taking examples from his time on Clash of the TitansXmen and Prince of Persia, Adam will illustrate how 3D artists manage to deliver 13 different characters in a mere 3 days and other cool tips like how to transfer UV's or use multiple UV tiles within a production.

Discover how VFX studios really work - reusing models to keep pipelines consistent, creating accurate doubles from lidar scan data and methods for transferring new topology to existing models and rigs.

We’re no stranger to Adam, as he not only studied with us, but he’s also a permanent member of our Advisory Board, helping us ensure our curriculum is tailored towards the needs of the VFX industry. His work in VFX has earned him and his team an Oscar as well as a BAFTA, helping to make him one of the most respected 3D modellers in London.

Want to find out more? Join us for the live webinar >>

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