The Alenka Abraham Success Story

The Alenka Abraham Success Story

We’ve been catching up with lots of the escapees from over the years, and one story in particular has been hugely inspiring to us. Having studied a ten week Maya comprehensive course at Escape Studios back in 2003, Alenka Abraham has paved a very exciting career for herself. Taking on an R&D software project at Glassworks, Alenka met her future business partner, Adam Cubitt. Together they set up Existential Ltd., a company that develops both real-time and off-line computer visualisation and animation technology. Collaborating with leading post-production companies like MPC, and many others across the UK, they’ve been involved in pioneering projects and are making quite a name for themselves.

From the very beginning, Alenka had very different ideas about what she wanted to work on. This was very evident during her time here at Escape, where her ideas were sometimes a little more quirky than the others she studied with.

“I felt like I had very different ideas about what I wanted to create than most people on the course (I don't know if being the only girl on the course contributed to this): the guys all seemed to be building trains and robots, but I was more interested in disco-dancing lamps and James Bond stick men. It was brilliant that the course focused on teaching you the tools while leaving you the creative freedom to go in your own (possibly obscure) direction.”

On July 12th, Alenka and her partner in crime, Adam Cubitt, will be joining us for an exclusive webinar to discuss the work they do currently and how they got to where they are today. To learn more about where a career in VFX could potentially take you, we recommend you register for this webinar.

Take a look at the full Alenka Abraham story here.

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