The 5 Miserable VFX Jobs That Make Movies Possible

The 5 Miserable VFX Jobs That Make Movies Possible

I came across this blog on the 5 miserable VFX Jobs that make movies possible and found it quite amusing... ;-)

However, as it's still early in the week, I suspect I have a slightly more sober approach to my response to this!

Actually a couple of the roles mentioned - such as Roto and Matchmove artists - are the perfect 'doors' in to the world of VFX.

There are a couple of ways at looking at these roles from my perspective. Firstly, any aspiring CG artist needs to really consider having these skills in their portfolio. For many of the students who have come through our doors here at Escape Studios, these roles have been a path to them getting their first job and then move on to greater things. If you tell a prospective studio that "all I do is model or animate" and they don't have any of those positions available to juniors, you have just narrowed your chances to get hired.

These roles really need to be seen as a way in and I do believe that having these skills will certainly not harm your chances of work!

My second point is that we know very many people doing these jobs long term who are extremely happy and are great contributors to the CG community. Just because they are not as glamorous as one might think, doesn't mean that they are not worth doing. 

So enjoy the musings of the blog but please consider these as viable options (sometimes the only options) when looking to cut your teeth and starting your career in CG.

Happy tracing.

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