The 3rd Dimension

The 3rd Dimension

Many 3D fans will be aware of the power of Maya, and the influence it has on the world of VFX, from blockbuster films to major games series, Maya is one of the most incredible creative tools on the planet. But like a pack of Arctic Huskies, it demands time and attention if you wish it to take you voyaging across the vast plains of 3D.

Here at Escape studios, we know that more often than not, the demands of real life get in the way of honing one’s artistic skills, and so we offer an option of an evening course in Maya Core, allowing you to tame this beast in your own time, around your daily activities. 

It’s very much the accessible way to enter the world of CG, and through it you will learn Maya’s capabilities, workflows and interface before walking through the key 3D techniques you’ll need to begin your journey from beginner to pro.

Our tutors are all professional CG artists with experience at the very top of their fields. Click here, to see some of their profiles.

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