The 2013 BFX Competition Awards Ceremony

The 2013 BFX Competition Awards Ceremony

Last Friday we took a train south to Bournemouth for the 2013 BFX awards ceremony, which was a truly wonderful event. Awarding and celebrating emerging talent from eleven UK universities, the teams who took part in this competition impressed us mightily.

This 6 week student competition involved teams of 4-6, tasked with creating a 2D or 3D visual effects or animation sequence, based on a passage from classic literature. Over the summer months the teams were given digs on Bournemouth University campus and mentored by experts from the leading post houses including Framestore, Double Negative, The Mill, MPC, Realise Studios, Outpost VFX, Hibbert Ralph Animation and Cinesite. And from what we could tell on the night of the awards, these industry pros were pretty impressed with the teams, and how they followed advice and tuition to create some outstanding work.

Having literally just finished the first year of their degree programs, it was incredible to see the range of skills at work in each project. With a mere 6 weeks to create a 30 minute animation / CG sequence from beginning to end, we couldn't get over the sheer range of originality and style in each project.  The winners made it look easy!

All ten projects were exceptional, but the team to scoop up a number of awards was Blonde Rangers for their animation “BLONDEHERLAND”, set on Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) as a teenager. Oozing in both style and originality, we weren't surprised to see them pick up so many awards.

Equally outstanding work from the other teams included:

Team Maos >>
Team Wizard >>
Poseidon >>
CtrlZ >>
Traditionally Digital >>
Team Kuklops >>
Cyber Monks >>
Level 2 >>
Team UULA >>

To top it all off, it was a real pleasure to witness the camaraderie among the competing teams, where one team member went as far to say that it didn't matter who won, that the best experience from the competition was being able to meet with students from other Universities. We think that just says it all… that CG artists are the coolest people out there - dedicated to the cause and always looking to mix and collaborate with fellow artists, passionate about creating beautiful images!

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