Ted is Bear-illiant!

Ted is Bear-illiant!

Ted, the loveable (if not a tad feckless) bundle of fuzz waddled onto our cinema screens last week, and I was first in line to watch his hilarious shenanigansvoiced by the film's writer and director, Seth MacFarlane.

The film follows the tale of John Bennet (Mark Wahlberg), who makes a Christmas wish as a child for his best-friend teddy bear to come to life... But in true 'careful-what-you-wish-for' style, we are propelled forward to John's life as a 35-year-old 'man-child', slumped on the couch at nine on a weekday morning, smoking weed with his now acerbic ex-celeb buddy, Ted. And it's time for John to grow up, if he wants to keep hold of the love-of-his-life, beautiful and ambitious Lori (Mila Kunis)—either Ted goes, or she will.

The magical transformation of Ted from inanimate object to real-life 'thunder buddy' was perfectly executed by Iloura and Tippett Studio, whose paw-esome (oh yes, I went there) digital trickery, coupled with Macfarlan’s misanthropic and crass character portrayal, make for a supremely facetious treat, packed with deliciously-naff 80's pop-cultural references a-plenty (um, Sam Jones AKA Flash Gordon, anyone?).

And you can now follow the foul-mouthed little furball on Twitter.

Movie Highlight: John and Ted's hilariously brutal fight in a hotel room...

John: Sometimes I look back at that Christmas day when I wished for you, and I think that I should have gotten a Teddy Ruxpin!

Ted: Say that one more time.

John: Teddy. Ruxpin!

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Alison Cobb
Thu 9 Aug 2012: 3:30pm

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  • chris hodge:

    there is nothing more powerful in then a wish of a little boy. that is apart from an apache helicopter it has guns and mussels!

    love the film

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