Tech Industry will be Affected by Mega Japanese Earthquake

After the shocking events that hit Japan there is of course a severe knock on effect to our industry in terms of technology.

Sony has reportedly stopped output at plants and evacuated six factories in the Northeastern part of Japan. Yasuhiro Okada, a spokesman for the company, told Business Week that Sony is now looking at the affects of the power outages and damage to its facilities.

It's likely that Blu-ray discs, magnetic heads and batteries will be affected as these were the main line of production at the factories. Canon however has reported that it's had a lucky escape. It hasn't suffered damage to plants, and it says production will not be stopped.

I guess this means that there will be a massive shortage in components coming out of Japan. I expect that prices will rise during a period when any
surplus stock dries up. This is just one of thousands of implications this tragedy has created.

Of course, all this pales into insignificance when compared to the personal tragedies the Japanese people are currently enduring, but it does highlight how an event like this can have repercussions way beyond country borders.

Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in the recent events.

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Thu 17 Mar 2011: 9:24am

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