Taran Spear

NAME: Taran Spear

COMPANY: Electric Theatre Collective

COURSE STUDIED: Advanced Compositing For Visual Effects (Full-time)

FAVOURITE YOUTUBE CLIP / MOVIE ONE-LINER: I don’t think I could pick out a single YouTube clip as there are so many good ones, but my favourite movie one liner would have to be from the movie ‘Airplane’:

Striker: "Surely you can't be serious.”
Rumack: "I am serious…and don't call me Shirley.”

WHY VFX AND WHY ESCAPE STUDIOS: I chose the VFX industry because I have always had a passion for movies and the amazing moments made possible on the screen. I initially gained an interest through tinkering around in After Effects and learning a little more about how these effects were created. I did some research into training and found that After Effects is not the industry standard in terms of film and commercial compositing. Instead I found out about NUKE and discovered Escape Studios who offered a course focused purely on compositing with NUKE. The rest is history, as they say.

PROJECTS: My favourite project to have worked on would have to be the PS4 launch commercial, because I'm a huge fan of video games. There was a real buzz around this project.

ADVICE FOR THOSE ENTERING / CONSIDERING ENTERING THE INDUSTRY: The main bit of advice I can offer those interested in working in visual effects is that you need to really want this career and be willing to work hard to achieve what you want. Out of all the people I studied with at Escape, every person who stayed late after class and really worked hard to learn the software and techniques is now working in the industry. When it comes to applying for work, you must make sure you apply everywhere. Just because you don’t get a reply from one or many companies doesn’t mean you should give up. Companies hire people depending on how busy they are. If you don’t get a reply, or were not successful in an application it could simply mean the company you applied to just isn’t hiring at that time. Also don’t just target the main big companies for your applications, you will quite often have more luck with smaller companies plus you may have more of an opportunity to work on a greater range of things in a smaller company and use a wider range of skills.

FINALLY, CAN YOU GIVE US A FEW LINES ABOUT YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE VFX: Outside of VFX I like to play music. I am a drummer in two bands and spend a lot of time writing, recording and performing. I also try to fit cinema visits in when I can. Film has always been a passion of mine, even more so now that I am in the VFX industry.