Taking the next step into VFX wizardry!

Taking the next step into VFX wizardry!

Before becoming a mighty VFX warrior, you need to become a master of Maya. That is why our VFX courses are designed so you dedicate significant time to mastering the tools inside Maya before taking the next step into more advanced visual effects. And of course, it’s only when you know the limitations of any creative tool, that you know how far to push it.

And so, a few weeks back when two classes of VFX students were graduating, there was a third class of VFX students who were finishing their first 6 weeks of the course. This is the Maya Core class. The first 6 weeks of a 12-week intensive VFX classroom course is spent discovering the tools available inside Maya, and the depths of its abilities. And it’s at this stage that the Maya Core students need to present a modelling project to their tutors and fellow classmates. This is a still image where they’ve successfully placed the 3D model they’ve created in Maya to a still image and made it look like it belongs there. Hence creating the illusion of a photoreal image.  

Here are just a few such projects from that particular class. Of course all the projects from the class are exceptional and we congratulate them all on mastering Maya to the point of creating images that are so photorealistic and believable. With this knowledge under their belts, they are now embarking on the next stage of the course which is 6-weeks of hard core visual effects. This is where they can apply what they’ve learnt so far to a moving image, learning the importance of camera tracking, lighting, texturing, compositing and rendering. This is no easy task, so we wish them the best of luck on this new journey of discovery.

Bear in mind, these projects are still works in progress. These students will continue to work on these projects and develop them for their own showreels.

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