Take Your NUKE Fluency to the next level!

Take Your NUKE Fluency to the next level!

We've invited Victor Perez to share some of his top tips and tricks when working with Python in NUKE. Having studied our Compositing for Production course back in 2009, Victor has gone on to master NUKE to a highly professional level. Voted this year’s second most valuable nukepedia.com contributor, and one of the first official Nuke certified trainers, Victor has prepared a webinar to show you what’s possible when you apply Python scripting to a project.

Currently Digital Compositor at Double Negative, Victor’s experience ranges from Film Compositing Artist/Lead, NUKE X Specialist to Compositing TD where he throws his talents to Python programming and scripting. Over the last few years, Victor has made quite a name for himself as a compositor, having worked on high-profile projects like Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy, The Dark Night Rises, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides, Harry Potter and 127 Hours.

So join us for this exclusive webinar where Victor will delve into how Python can improve the workflow for any NUKE artist. This is a webinar for anyone looking to bring their NUKE fluency to the next level, allowing you to see almost immediate improvements in your productivity. And if you’re not at that level yet, don’t be put off. Join the discussion and get a taste for what you’ll be doing after the right training. Victor’s passion for compositing is infectious!

Register for this webinar here!

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