TACTIC software's CEO speaks out

TACTIC software's CEO speaks out

Gary Mundell, Southpaw’s CEO sheds some light on how using a production asset management system like TACTIC, can help studios better manage their production pipelines and streamline their workflows. Here's what he had to say...

TACTIC cures production chaos
Most of us know how chaotic CG productions can be. With large teams and multiple departments working on hundreds of files, the chances of losing and misplacing files, or working on the wrong ones - and generally screwing things up - are great. TACTIC gives teams one central place to store and track all assets, and the project information relating to those assets. This way, teams know what files they are supposed to be working on, why, and where those files are supposed to go in the production pipeline. This minimiss confusion and wasting time, - things to avoid when working to tight deadlines.

TACTIC connects the dots
Imagine this… A supervisor reviews a file in a dailies review and makes comments on what changes need to be made. Those comments are then stored with the file and visible in TACTIC's interface, so the artist working on that file knows exactly what he or she is supposed to do before the next dailies review…even if that artist is located across the globe.

It works how studios work
No two CG production pipelines are the same. For a system to work properly, it needs to be customised to suit the studio’s specific requirements. This can only come from understanding the studio’s production process, which is what Southpaw’s Tacticians do when rolling out a new system: they work with the studio to make sure user interfaces, workflows, access rights, and reports found in the software meet the needs of that studio.

It works where studios work
TACTIC is a web-based solution that can be accessed from any place with an internet connection, which is great for teams based in multiple locations. It means outsourced studios have access to the same information as those teams sitting in the main office, negating the need to send files back and forth.

It continually monitors productions
The process starts with the production assistants on the floor, where instead of filling out information on a clipboard, they enter information straight into TACTIC. Managers can then access this information through customised reports and instantly see the status of their production, where bottlenecks are occurring and costs are over running. This gives them a real-time view of the whole project without any nasty surprises down the line.

To find out more about TACTIC, check it out here or get in touch.

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