Survey prize draw winners announced

A few weeks ago we ran a survey to find out what people thought of the CG industry, with a prize draw and some fantastic prizes for a lucky few. We’re please to say we can now announce the winners of the prize draw.

Andrew Segal, of Essex, won a Lenovo ThinkVision L2440P Wide LCD Monitor and a Wacom Intuos4 Medium tablet. Claude Gayle, won a Wacom Intuos4 Medium tablet and a Nvidia FX1800 graphic card. Dave Wollard, of Glasgow, won a Nvidia FX1800 graphic card.

All the winners are involved in the CG industry in some way, and the prizes should give them a helping hand in the future.

Congratulations to all our winners, and many thanks to all who completed the survey. Look out for the results soon!

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Isabelle Duarte
Thu 19 Nov 2009: 9:54pm

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  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hello Claude,

    Congratulations! We are very pleased that these prizes are going to a good home! Don't forget to send us the examples of your work. We'd love to display it here.


  • Claude Gayle:

    Many thanks, Escape Studios.
    I've always been a self-motivator but needed inspiration as well. And no - they're not the same thing. Motivation equals inspiration, is a misnomer. Well, What more can I say? I'm Jubilant. I'm more glad I came to the studios during the summer, in the first place than before - to dip my toe in the strange ocean which is the animation industry. The prizes will definitely not go to waste. My computer needed a graphics card upgrade and for someone who does not get memorable gifts at christmas, the medium sized tablet is what I asked Santa for. Let ideas on paper, translating into animation creation commence...

  • Joep Peters:

    Congratulations to you guys!


  • Juan I Salgado:

    Thanks Isabelle!, I have some hopes yet !.

    Good luck to every people!

  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hello Juan,

    No, we haven't announced them yet. The short list of winners will be posted on the blog later today. The final announcement of who has won what will be announced on December 8th.

    Best of Luck!

  • Juan I Salgado:

    Hello Isabelle, about the winners for the escape course & work in the mill, there is no winner yet, right ?
    Thanks !

  • Andrew Segal:

    Thanks Escape !

    My current monitor is on it's last pixels and it's my birthday next week, so that's excellent timing!

    Now I've got no excuse not to create artwork..


  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hi Andrew,

    The pleasure is all ours! Be sure to send us the artwork you create, we'd love to feature it here on the blog.

    Thanks again for taking part in our survey!

    Marketing Director, Escape Studios

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