Survey - Graduates find a long term home in CG industry

You might have read that we recently surveyed people working in the industry for their thoughts about their jobs and the world they work in. We’ve now taken this one step further by asking graduates about their expectations of a career in this field.

One of the great things we found was that CG graduates are pretty realistic – the working hours don’t seem to put them off and the salary is not a deciding factor for those hoping to enter the industry (doing something they love is far more important).

This is good to see as CG students currently have strong employment opportunities within the industry. You may have heard that the FDA has said UK box offices are set to take in £1billion this year and with 3D cinemas showing big-ticket blockbuster movies, including today's release of Avatar, the CG industry needs to produce top-notch talent more then ever before.

It’s so encouraging to hear that new CG graduates bear realistic expectations of what it’s like to work in the industry and still want to pursue training and employment opportunities. Graduates are pretty clued up and place great importance around career fulfillment – which is good news. CG is one area where the UK really does lead the world and a constant flow of new talent will ensure this continues to be the case.

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Dom Davenport
Thu 17 Dec 2009: 4:53pm

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  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hello Marlon,

    You asked about where the survey was taken so I thought I'd get those figures for you.

    37.4% of the respondents were from the UK
    35.3% from the US
    7.3% from Canada
    3.3% from India
    2.0% from Germany
    1.2% from Australia
    1.2% from Spain
    1.0% from France
    1.0% from Portugal
    0.9% from Italy
    "Other Countries" represented 9.4% of the respondents

    You make a very good point in your comment. We didn't specifically ask the respondents to tell us whether or not they were finding difficult to get into graduates program, but we will add it next time we run this survey.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Marlon Zenden:

    I would like to know where this survey was taken? It certainly was not taken in the UK! I have only seen a recruitment drive for students/graduates in the Netherlands.
    I as a Graduate have not seen any CG Graduate vacancies advertised in England whatsoever, be it in Games, Visual/Special FX or Design. It always amuses me when a company claims to take on Grads/Juniors as they have "raw talent" but their jobs board never reflects this as every job advertised demands 2+ years commercial experience. So where do we gain this from, magic I supppose??

  • Dominic:

    I agree this is good news.. but its also more important than ever to make sure that artists are being paid fairly and honestly given how important vfx have become in mainstream cinema. Vfx are the new superstar on the block and are as important it seems as the stars themselves in pulling in audiences (Avatar). With this in mind, studio bosses must make fair demands and not underbid, otherwise it will only result in artists working unnecessarily long hours (under staffed) and being underpaid (not enough cash flow)... Carrer fulfillment is paramount, but I don't see it right for artists to work ridiculous hours and on standard salaries for something that has huge profit margins.

  • Dominic Alderson:

    I agree this is very good news, but its also more important than ever for those in charge of the studios to pay fairly for the work thats being created which in turn requires that they dont under charge when bidding. We all know that vfx are taking centre stage in movies these days (i.e. Avatar) and are replacing star power in terms of getting bums on seats... so lets all work together to make sure the millions of dollars are channeled in the right direction. :)

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