Superbowl Commercials - VFX wins!

Superbowl Commercials - VFX wins!

I have intentionally waited until the afternoon to post this blog, so that all of you UK based sports fans that actually stayed awake to watch the coverage of the Superbowl last night, are now wide awake! So if you’ve finished your belated breakfast and have washed the beer stains out of your team jersey, then please cast your mind back to approximately 16 hours ago.

Broncos fans will be more inclined to read on from this point, as I assure you that the following paragraphs have absolutely nothing to do with anything that happened on the turf. No no. I’m here to talk about the commercials!

We often harp on about how important VFX are in the modern age of visual entertainment. And this year’s pick of Superbowl commercials only served to prove us right yet again. So apart from the cute dogs barking, and the puppy who was friends with the horse, it was really the commercials with more obvious VFX that stood out for us.

As expected there was some great work from our industry partners The Mill and Framestore, the latter of whom had leant their skills to a total of five (yes, FIVE) adverts that appeared during the half time commercials.

Our picks of the bunch were The Beats Music spot which had a load of crazy dancing people with the heads of animals, (oddly reminiscent of our friend HaZ Dulull’s short film ‘Fubar Redux’) the German engineers who sprouted wings each time a Volkswagon clocked 100,000 miles, the Audi Doberhuahua, which spooked the majority of us with its CG crossbreeding of a dog with a Chihuahua’s body and a Doberman’ s head, and my personal favourite – Laurence Fishburne, selling out in a spectacular fashion by reprising his role of Morpheus… in a Kia Ad. This minute and a half of madness spoofs the famous ‘blue pill/red pill’ dialogue, and ends with a rendition of Nessun Dorma that makes everything in its wake explode, in HD it’s a real visual delight of a finale.

Check out this particular Ad above, if you feel inspired and want to get on your way to creating VFX that are seen all over the globe, take a look at the training Escape Studios has to offer across a number of VFX disciplines!



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