Summon Your Inner Monet With Waterlogue

Summon Your Inner Monet With Waterlogue

Hi there! It's been a while (understatement) but I'm back with another instalment of Lee's App of the Week!

This week I've discovered Waterlogue - the app that lets you turn your favourite pics into a watercolour work of art. Who needs Paint By Numbers when you can just snap your selfie and Waterlogue adds the liquid colour - BOOM.

The app includes a selection of pre-sets which you can quickly flick through to preview how your image will looks once applied. After that its just a case of uploading your rather jazzed up water-coloured masterpiece to your preferred social media sites to be "liked" by your plethora of adoring fans!

Available for iPhones only, £1.99

You're welcome.

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Emma Lee
Fri 28 Feb 2014: 3:16pm

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