Summer’s here?

Summer’s here?

With temperatures managing to, ahem, ‘soar’ into the low 20s this week I’ve become accustomed to spending my lunch break basking in the sun on Shepherd’s Bush Green and even dared to dig out the sun cream at one point!

So imagine my dismay when I opened my curtains this morning to a drizzly, grey and pretty damn cold day, I shouldn’t be surprised really considering this country’s track record.

However, my glum mood was quickly dispelled when I got in to work and watched this year’s Summer of Cinema promo on Coming Soon. Being a big fan of Simon Pegg it was a real treat to see the first ever clips of his latest movie The World’s End, pay attention though, if you happen to blink at the wrong time you might just miss them.

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Claire Vandenbroecke
Fri 26 Apr 2013: 5:44pm

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