Success Story: Allyn Lawson

Success Story: Allyn Lawson

It’s fair to say that the world of VFX is a bit like a tardis, a tardis that escapee Allyn Lawson knows all about.

Partly because he’s just finished working on the BBC’s Doctor Who. But also partly because when his childhood curiosity in visual effects was sparked by a VHS of Jurassic Park, he never would’ve imagined he’d be working with global brands such as Nike, Ford, BT and Virgin as he does today.

Now working with industry legends, The Mill, Allyn hasn’t looked back since studying with Escape Studios. We recently caught up to discuss his career achievements to date and his journey to becoming an escapee.

The apparent magic of VFX really captured my imagination from an early age, but I think the defining moment would have to be seeing Jurassic Park for the first time. I didn't just enjoy the VFX, I wanted to figure out how they were done and create my own.

Read the rest of Allyn Lawson’s success story here and find out why Escape can open the door of the tardis, to anyone with the passion, desire and drive to become involved with the VFX industry.

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