Studio Secrets Come Out From The Shadows

Studio Secrets Come Out From The Shadows

During it’s opening weekend, Dark Shadows topped just over $29million at the Box Office. This may not be up to the usual par of some of Johnny Depp’s films but the CG within the film didn’t fail to impress once again.

When scrolling through the CG Society website I came across this interesting article about the film. Written by Mark Breakspear (Visual Effects Supervisor at Method Studios in Vancouver), he concentrates on what scenes and effects Method Studios contributed in Dark Shadows.

The article explains which scenes they worked on, what problems they faced and how they overcame them, alongside some great before and after images. Offering a guide to all readers, Mark emphasises just how much planning needs to go into the CG of films, concentrating on the smallest of details, from people and animals, to the look of the different buildings, all while ensuring that the film flows and looks as realistic as possible. Enjoy the article!

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