Students Love our Mentored Training Courses

Students Love our Mentored Training Courses

We have students from all over the world training with us - all from different walks of life and with different priorities and motivations. Whether they’re in full-time work or part time study, it’s our core aim to help them develop the skills required to progress their career as a VFX artist in a way that works for them. Our Online Mentored Training enables students to do just that – learning online, and working around day-to-day commitments.

As part of the after care service that we offer, students give us detailed feedback so we can continually improve the learning experience. And, we have to say, we were delighted with the feedback sent to us by the batch of students who completed our first ever mentored course! All of the students expressed how happy they were with the programme, and explained how it totally worked for them and their personal schedules.

Here is some of the feedback we got:

"The design of the Online Learning Platform is great though it's hard to remember all 40 weeks worth of tutorials! The weeks about different shaders and MIA were very useful and well explained" - Max Wuehrer

"I found all of the assignments helpful but the animation one was particularly useful. What's great about the assignments is that they were set in the right place and the right time, making it easy to catch up if you needed to. I worked full-time throughout my study. I have a wife, two kids and a dog but I still made it! " Marcus Williams

But, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop making improvements and changes. it’s our belief that learning (especially distance learning) should be as interactive as possible. So increasing communication between tutor and student is just one of the measures we’ll be implementing very soon.

If you fancy having a go and learning online with one of our mentors, why not check out our details of our Mentored Training courses. We know it’s hard work but if there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that studying and working at the same time isn’t just achievable, it’s fun too!

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