• Student Reel 2013

Student Reel 2013

Incredible Work from a Talented Bunch!

For 11 years we’ve helped thousands of students realise their potential as a graphics artist. We’ve embraced and trained the brightest CG enthusiasts who sought a career in the VFX industry. For these graduates, we’ve been a launching pad for their careers, so their dreams of an exciting career in film, TV, commercials, games, 3D animation and architectural visualisation could become a reality.

Before graduation, each student produces a final course project - a project that will feature in their first showreel. The results are simply awe inspiring. It really is incredible to witness the sheer range of creative and imaginative work being produced by students in a mere 12 weeks.

Feel inspired? Consider what you’d make for your graduation project. Get in touch and discover how we can help jump start your education and career in Visual Effects.