Stranger than fiction - 'Doomed: A Biological Cartoon'

Stranger than fiction - 'Doomed: A Biological Cartoon'

Here at Escape, we’re fans of the weird and wonderful in all shapes and forms, and something that’s caught our eye recently, is this rather bizarre nature documentary titled… Doomed: A biological cartoon.

Okay, so we used the term ‘nature documentary’ rather loosely, as this particular ‘nature documentary’ is made of entirely animated yet quite endearing, fictional animals. 

The brainchild of Guillermo Garcia Carsi and El Senor Studio, this 10 minute short is an excellent spoof of Attenborough style nature programs. The creatures it follows are described as ‘stranger than fiction’ hitting the nail on the head.

Watch the movements of these make believe animals, accompanied by the hilarious commentary – and keep your eye out for more of the same in the future!

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Dom Davenport
Fri 1 Mar 2013: 5:02pm

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