Stop, Motion Time

Stop, Motion Time

Some of you may have read the Frankenweenie blog from last week, well, after doing a little research on the film myself I came across this video that I think anyone who is interested in the film, the director, or stop motion should watch.

It’s not an hour long documentary full of talking, it’s a brief two minute film that shows a little of Tim Burton’s input into the creation of the models, along with some of the finished products.

However, what’s more amazing to see is the amount of time and detail that goes into not only the models, but the entire set. The complicated details, such as a texture or a colour, needs to be constantly checked to make sure they are all the same. Then there are the details that we don’t even think about when watching, such as the fact the haircut remains the same throughout, or the plates on the set are matching. We get a sneak preview into the different characters, the transition between alive Sparky and dead Sparky is one of my favourites (especially at 1 minute 29), and what sets are being used. If you’re interested in stop motion it’s a great insight into a small part of what is involved within the process.

I bet you’re all looking forward to the finished film even more now!

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