Still waiting to hear from VFX companies? Improve your Compositing Demo Reel!

It’s been a little quiet for a lot of Compositors this summer, but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hearing that some companies will be busy this Autumn and into next year. So while you’re waiting for that call, there are lots of things you can do to spend this down time wisely.

If you’re not currently working, this is the perfect time to add more challenging shots to your reel and send a new version. Add more challenging roto shots with organic and inanimate objects to show variety of skill and techniques, preferably with a camera move to show 2D or 3D tracking skills. It would also be great if you could get more challenging rig removal shots. 

Give yourself a strict time limit to keep you on track to help you gain speed and accuracy, especially for roto shots. No need to always comp in a new BG. Comp on a contrasting grey to show your accurate edges, and show your rotosplines as different colours to show shape breakup. 

Shoot your own plates. Make sure you add or have tons of tracking markers on set in all Z planes! This will make your life a lot easier. You can always contact us if you need general shooting advice. 

Another way of practising your craft is to work on independent film projects for free to get experience and fresh shots. 

Feel free to send me links of the plates you’re considering for your comps, using the comments box below. 

And amongst all this hard work you’re setting yourself, don’t forget to enjoy the Olympics!

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