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Since the releases of The Final Destination and Avatar, there's been alot of talk about town regarding stereoscopic 3D, workflow and how it applies to film, commercials, TV and all things media.

Simply put, stereoscopic video is the magic behind 3D films that you can see via the usage of various types of imaging technology and optical accessories. Remember the blue and red jelly-tinted cardboard glasses? Remember how the films made you dizzy without them? Well, they're back, and they've grown up a fair bit.

Stereo is popping up all over the place in media these days, and a lot of people are looking for a simple way to explain it from a technical standpoint. In a nutshell, it's a method of overlaying 2 streams of video or still sequences used in conjunction with 3D generated from any source, to produce a "pop out" 3D image for its viewers. This is why a lot of people report being ill watching these videos without the proper eyewear, as it can look as if the images are ghosted over one-another.

So how does this apply to anyone's workflow? Well, stereo is quite a weighty process to get into when it comes to generating this material. A large amount of 3D involving particle systems, dynamics and fluids is done to produce the results you see in theatres around the world, and video encoding and renderring can be quite a painful experience for those taking the cutting edge trek into it.

The question of quality control comes up quite often: how can a studio keep hold of quality assurance in this situation? Raw playback solutions have always been quite expensive, and for that reason a large number of studios can be seen turning down stereo projects for lack of facility. The workflow for a studio without a playback unit could involve renderring out a composition daily to go through with supervisors and artists. This process can take hours, might not necessarily work out, and is simply not fast enough to be worth the time invested and overhead cost.

That being said, the general public should prepare itself for a new, cost-effective solution for studios stuck in the peril of new hardware - Escape Studios has cooked up a great solution in the lab comprising an entire suite, bespoke and tailored to anyone who's looking to jump into it.

Keep an eye on this space for the details of the exclusive new Escape Studio 2K Stereoscopic playback unit: we've perfected it and it's ready for the world.

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