Stereoscopic: Above and beyond!

So you've heard the buzz, you've got the concept, heard the solution and you think you know it all - but we've got a few tricks up our sleeve still!

Just what have we got? Well, the full details will come when the time is right, but we've already worked out a fair few platforms for larger resolutions in stereo, as well as 2D. Our 4K platform is under development - and when it's perfected, we'll be looking to move into 4K stereo!

That aside, there really is a huge amount of things we can move forward with the 2K unit with coming out soon. At the moment, we use a dual-10gigE channelling system, which could cut the cabling costs by using InfiniiBand or MyriNet - however, these termination cards need to come down in price and power consumption before we're really going to lean towards them. Advanced in RAID cards from LSI can tweak the internals, and the roadmap looks quite interesting in 2010-11! This platform's getting a bit dull though, so let's have a word about how else we can achieve a realtime playback in 2K, stereo and 4K.

There's a fair few alternative solutions if you're not too keen on going with a suite, or want to slot things into a smaller budget, as well as alternatives for different suites - let's cover some:

Fusion IO Duo

These lovely little bits of kit are something we've recently starting selling at Escape - and we think it's totally top notch! Basically, they're PCI-express based SSD solutions. Not your average SSD's though, these are MLC NAND controllers, which can produce reads of up to 1.4gbps! That's just a touch below 4K! Infact, we've found that in the right machine, with the right tweaks, and a whole boatload of RAM and caching, we can get to 4K with this card! They're about 17k GBP for 640 effective gigabytes of storage, but these little beauties are worth their weight in gold! The lovely bit is that they can be dropped into any machine with an x16 PCIe full height slot. Truly one of the most impressive pieces of kit on the market - the only thing we're hoping for is more effective space! They've got us it's coming, and we're certainly waiting whilst rubbing our hands!

Rorke Aurora

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