Stereographic 3D - Who's getting it right?

Stereographic: looks like this time it might be here to stay. But with differing techniques in post and production and delivery mechanisms still in flux who's getting it right?

James Cameron has been very outspoken about the plethora of companies slapping on the 3D monika and reaping the benefits of audiences going to experience a full 3D experience and getting something that well... isn't. The 2D to 3D conversion processes that are currently being retro-fitted to movies about to be released that have not been shot or designed to maximise the 3D experience are less than ideal. We end up with a very victorian toy theatre effect ("Captain Pugwash like" for brits who remember) that is fraught with convergence issues and can at worst be a blurry mess.

With Stereographers now on set guiding directors and DP's in its infancy we have a crossover period in which we could break the art of 3D cinematography and the storytelling it may bring to us. The conversion guys are doing so many average conversions that I wonder if the audiences will fail to find the 3D draw a long term thing? If produced correctly the stereographic medium could bring a lot of new ways in the story telling process and change forever how we deliver the moving image.

Personally, I still have issues with production techniques and how they force the eye to focus on areas of the image that I may not wish to focus on. It means I am not able to resolve the image and I get fusing problems and blurry nasties. Parallel versus toe-in,  I'm still to be convinced which way I sway. But parallel makes more sense at the moment for me.

After watching Avatar on a full HD TV, in 2D on a really great LED panel, I was more blown away by the quality of the craftmanship and artwork generated by the artists than I was by the experience within the cinema in a full 3D experience - especially with the fusing errors and blurring I was suffering with.

I'm still waiting to see if we can get even better tech and production techniques to really resolve these issues, but it will all be broken if we continue with bad conversions...

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Lee Danskin
Thu 9 Sep 2010: 11:01am

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    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris

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