Step back in time with the BFI

Step back in time with the BFI

1920s London brought to life in Biocolour!

Having lived in London for over a year now I’m really starting to feel like this is my second home. I say ‘second’ because I’ll always be a northern bird at heart, but you know, this crazy city has really worked its charm on me since I landed in the leafy suburb of West Acton last February and I’m starting to feel a real affection for the place.

So when one of my buddies in the office showed me this footage of London from 1927 I was a happy little bunny! Recently restored by the BFI, it was originally shot by Claude Friese-Greene nearly 90 years ago. Using a primitive colour process known as Biocolour which was developed by his father, Claude was able to produce one of the first coloured motion pictures ever made.

This little gem has a very surreal air to it, rather quaint and quintessentially British, it has certainly had an impact on not just Londoners but on fellow film lovers around the globe. Kevin Spacey tweeted on the 10th May “Watching makes you feel like you’re there” causing the video to go viral, so it would appear I’m a little behind in jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Well better late than never I say, and it’s definitely worth a watch so thanks for the heads up Maza!

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  • Miriam Payne:

    Nice one!! :D

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