Steam Hit 30M Users

Wow! Steam have announced that they've hit the 30 Million user mark last week. That's a phenomenal number of people they can deliver games direct to. And now with over 1,200 games in the catalogue to chose from, that's a very impressive market reach. I reckon we may see a lot more developers/publishers using this as a platform to deliver games over the coming years as digital distribution products seem to be increasing in demand. What do you all think?

At the initial stages of development, when you decide which platforms you are going to develop your title on, you need to consider your potential customer base and the install base of this technology is one of your guides. Are Steam up there with the big boys as a games platform and delivery mechanism? Could they prove to be a thorn in the side for XBLA and PSN?

Time will tell... It's going to be very interesting to track their progress.

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Tim Flett
Mon 25 Oct 2010: 12:28pm

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